MedicalHistory, May 22, 2017
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Inventory Number 2004.119.01.01
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Object Type Amputation Set Case
Object Date about 1865
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Object Materials  
Components 2004.119.01.02 Petit Tourniquet
2004.119.01.03 Tenon Amputation Saw
2004.119.01.04 Tenaculum
2004.119.01.05 Catlin
2004.119.01.06 Finger Saw
2004.119.01.07 Scalpel
2004.119.01.08 Bone Forceps
2004.119.01.09 Knife
2004.119.01.10 Knife
Manufacturer Label G. Tiemann and Co., Manufacturers of Surgical Instruments, 67 Chatham St., N.Y. USA
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MeSH Heading Surgical Procedures
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